Capturing excitement on video for sportauto China and brands such as Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, Adidas, AMG, Red Bull and Vienna Airport. Directing, filming and editing culture, art and architecture related video in The Netherlands, China and Bolivia.

Builder of, a site with many high quality 360 degree projects for better visibility of heritage buildings and architecture (a.o. Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen and Huis Sonneveld). Easy use on any computer, phone, or with VR set.
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Selection of video works

Aston Martin and the Year of the Dog

How are an Aston Martin and a dog connected? From storyboard to shooting with a mini-crew, a jumpy dog (paws!) and a very expensive car borrowed for two hours. (including storyboard drawings).

Arrive in Austria

An 18 part video series with tips for Austria as travel destination. Made for Vienna airport, aimed at Chinese tourists and are released on the WeChat channel and on screens inside the airport.

sportauto China highlight video

Highlights of the hundreds of videos made all over Asia while working for sportauto China. Many videos can also be selected through the category menu.

11 Out of 1.3 Billion; Football in China (50 min documentary)

Why can’t China, so brilliant at the Olympics, get a good national football team together? A surprising view on Chinese society through football in this 45 minute documentary. Starring Kevin, who wants to be the Chinese Messi, and experts like Arie Haan. Selected for many festivals.

Audi: The Slow Times Are Over

Ever wondered what race car drivers do between two racing seasons? Workout perhaps? Studying? Well.. sort of…
Think again. Their between-season secrets revealed in this fun clip for Audi R8 LMS Cup season start.

Shanghai Transitions (35 min documentary)

A new short documentary Shanghai Transitions about the rapid changes of the urban landscape in Shanghai. Three architects living in Shanghai share their views and ideas.
Selected for the Architecture, Design, Art Film Festival 2020, Palm Springs, USA, and the Better Cities Film Festival in Detroit (2020). More documentaries (also award-winning “Urbanisation in China”) here).

Max Verstappen at Red Bull F1 Shanghai event

Max Verstappen at the 2019 Shanghai F1 Event of red Bull. Dancing with dragons! A short report made for Red Bull.


  • Porsche, RTL, VW Formula Masters, Volkswagen, Red Bull, Audi, Adidas China, Dutch consulate (Shanghai), Arcadis (NL & USA), (online books and electronics), Aqua Zumba (+200.000 YouTube hits!) , Royal Mosa (Multicam talkshow registration), Amsterdam Duurzaam (city of amsterdam), Retail and More (coop supermarkets) Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI), ArchiNed (several talkshow webcasts), Sanoma Publishers, Bitmove (projects for Heineken, Anne Frank House, World Expo 2010 China), Artic (Witteveen+Bos), Grolsch (beer), Funda, RAI 9 maanden beurs, Yune (Dutch Railways NS, KLM airline), Cinemasia, Smilde Foods and many others.