Film Tips and Other Writing

Film Tips and Other Writing

Occasionally I write for the Chinese edititon of the print magazine of Auto, Motor und Sport. here is a selection in the original English language.

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Film Tip 2; Anticipation
Video Tip 2 Making video is much like driving a car. You go from one place to another, from A to B. Staying in the same place is boring and doesn’t make much sense. However many people make video by … Continue reading
Formula 1 and… Badminton?
Formula One and Badminton don’t seem to match, but today they will when Verstappen and Ricciardo learn Badminton Continue reading
Driving a Supercar at the Green Hell
Now that Audi invited me to do a lap in a true Audi R8 on the Nurburgring (that’s right, the “Grüne Hölle”!) I have a confession to make..... Continue reading
Shooting an Aston Martin, and a dog!
Filming cars, I’m used to that. But this morning I’m a bit nervous as we’re dealing with two "Legends" at one day. A legendary brand and a legendary challenge. Continue reading

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Filming in Cold Weather
A good example of filming in low temperatures snowdrifting, like Porsche Snowforce in Yakeshi, way up north. People there don’t consider -30 as a temperature to stay inside. Continue reading
Filming at High Temperatures
When I write this, birds drop dead from the rooftops, people in the streets get stuck to melting tarmac and the only thing i can think of is ice cream, fast! it’s a typical shanghai summer. Continue reading
Flying a Drone
Flying a Drone (Chinese version published in Chinese edition of Auto, Motor und Sport, China) When I am doing camera work I always want to be as free as possible. In an earlier writing I already explained how to keep … Continue reading
Better Stability
This happens a lot: you’ve been running around with your Iphone or other phone camera, or perhaps even a bigger DSLR or film camera on a circuit or other event. You watch your stuff back on the tiny phone or LCD screen and it looks great! Continue reading
Recording Sound
When video crews want to record someone talking with clear sound they often use a dead cat. It’s nothing to worry about as “dead cat” is the term for a furry shield around a microphone to keep the wind out. Continue reading