STUDIO-DL documentaries show curiosity and interest in other people, cultures and ways of life. And a love for travel: films ave been made in Amsterdam, Quillacollo (Bolivia) and several places in China. 11 Out of 1.3 Billion; Football in China, showing the Chinese culture through sports, is currently developed. Urbanisation in China won the award for Best Documentary on the Istanbul international film festival.
The documentaries are filmed in a dynamic way, nicely framed, with a keen eye for spontaneous events. See new world.

Documentary Showreel

11 Out of 1.3 Billion; Football in China (release 2019)
(In production) Why can't China, so brilliant at the Olympics, get a good national football team together? A surprising view on Chinese society through Football. Starring Arie Haan, Xie Hui, Pelle Blohm and many others. Continue reading
Urbanisation in China; happiness is seen everywhere
Award winning one hour documentary focusing on the experience of Chinese citizens on the rapid urbanisation. Surprising views on demolition, relocation and 'european' building styles. Continue reading
Mary in Times of Crisis
Mary in Times of Crisis | Still from the documentary
A documentary about the annual maria procession in Urkupina, Bolivia, that has the theme of financial benefit. This film will be broadcast by NPO documentary channel in december 2014. Continue reading
Lutherhof, Village in the city
Lutherhof; Dorp in de stad (Documentary)
A feature length documentary about the people of the Lutherhof, a typical Dutch "hofje". We see how the Lutherhof functions like a microcosm of society in general, with its own rules and values. Continue reading
The Restoration of Castle Loenersloot
De Restauratie van Kasteel Loenersloot
The restoration of this castle near Amsterdam, that dates back to th 13th century, is now released on DVD (december 2013) Continue reading
Small Shop Survival
Short documentary about "magazijn sportief", a corner shop in Amsterdam. Continue reading