Architecture films and 360° presentations

Architecture, especially the people around the buildings and behind the ideas, is a favorite topic. Many films were produced in cooperation with ArchiNed, the well-known Dutch Architecture news website. The combination of Architecture and China resulted in the series In China, about Dutch architects building in China. In 2019 a new quick documentary Shanghai Transitions is made, where three architects who live and work in Shanghai tell about their the rapid transformations of this mega city. Not from the theory, but from their own experience as citizen.

Experience the space with a 360° photography project! Give room to architectural pictures and add a dimension to your presentation!

Shanghai Transitions
SHANGHAI TRANSITIONS ** Selected for the Architecture, Design, Art Film Festival 2020, Palm Springs, USA ** Selected for Better Cities Film Festival in Detroit, USA (2020). There are quite a few changes coming to citizens everywhere in the world. Cities … Continue reading
In China | Dutch Architects In China
Series of 5 short Architecture Videos about Dutch architects in China for ArchiNed. With MVRDV, The Canton Tower with Mark Hemel, NeXT Architecture, BEAR iD, Harry Den Hartog Continue reading
Urbanisation in China; happiness is seen everywhere
Award winning one hour documentary focusing on the experience of Chinese citizens on the rapid urbanisation. Surprising views on demolition, relocation and 'european' building styles. Continue reading
Het Nieuwe Werken | DUS architects
Interview with Hedwig Heinsman and Hans Vermeulen of DUS architects. They are known for their temporary buildings but do a lot more. They are planning to construct a full-scale Dutch canal house with a 3D printer. Continue reading
Het Nieuwe Werken | Studio Roosegaarde
Interview with Daan Roosegaarde of Studio Roosegaarde. About architecture, techno-landscapes, hacking reality. A call to all architects to stop designing and start connecting. Continue reading
NAi | ArchiNed | De Stand van de Stad (progress of the city)
De Stand van de Stad
ArchiTV discusses the progress of Maastricht. 4 Episodes and discussion with local experts Wim van den Bergh, Jake Wiersma, Fred Humble and Tim Prins. They give their vision on the future of Maastricht. (in Dutch) Continue reading
Het Nieuwe Werken | RobArch
Part of the series "Het nieuwe werken" (the new working methods) made in cooperation with ArchiNed. RobArc are experimenting with using robots for building. Continue reading
Uit de Kast | Felix Claus (Claus en Kaan architects)
Short item about the architcture book preferences of Felix Claus, made for Archined. Continue reading
Shenzhen Biennale
A video report about this bi-annual event for urbanism and architecture. Filmed in and around the Value Factory, and old glass factory in Shekou, Shenzhen (feb 2014) Continue reading
The Restoration of Castle Loenersloot
De Restauratie van Kasteel Loenersloot
The restoration of this castle near Amsterdam, that dates back to th 13th century, is now released on DVD (december 2013) Continue reading
De Tweede jeugd van Ockenburgh (Second Youth of Ockenburgh)
Short film about the dismantling of youth hostel Ockenburgh in The Hague. This building was very typical for the work of Dutch architect Frank van Klingeren. Continue reading