Video page (for China)

Video page (for China)

Please check this page for a selection of local hosted video, in case YouTube service is blocked.

Highlight / summary video of work done for sportauto China

Some best bits in one video!

Audi E-tron Premiere

Last minute job from Audi: shot in a very short amount of time.

Verstappen and Ricciardo Play Badminton

Event video for Red Bull, Formula1 Stars Ricciardo and Verstappen go for a different sport…

Mercedes GLE Offroad

Taking the Mercedes GLE offroad is not just a great opportunity to film with a drone, it’s a necessary tool to show the landscape and access places you cannot go otherwise. Special challenge was to combine a monologue shot with a landscape in one take.

Porsche driving tips

Extensive use of drone, action and on-board footage.

The Slow Times Are Over

Fun video. What do the drivers do between racing seasons? Find out here!

Happy New Year of the Dog

A Dog and an Aston Martin, connected… Read “The Making Of” here.

Supertest on Zhejiang track.

A full test with pro race driver plus lap time with this supercar.

Blancpain GT series, race report with captured pit communication.

Extra excitement through captured pit lane talk.