A selection of hundreds of video's made. Automotive, Racing, Documentary, Architecture and China are important themes.
Note: many video series (like: "Race Quiz") show just one example here.

Sub Categories

360° Video
360 Degrees video's give a spectacular view all around. (note: the 360° video's on this site are embedded but hosted on YouTube)
Asian Racing Cups
A Small selection of video's made for Formula Masters, Asian Le mans, Porsche Carrera Cup Asia, Audi R8 LMS Cup, China GT and others. A lot of race / weekend reports, and some video's on a specific topic. Filmed all over Asia.
Culture and Tourism
Several video's concerning Culture and Tourism. Working small crew, well prepared and efficient.
There are stories to tell and things to discover all around the world.
A dog leashed to an Aston Martin, Race drivers learning Chinese, a guy in a supermarket, dressed in just a towel..? The fun video's.
Promo, Events, Tests
Car testing, all kinds of events plus commercial promo's for cars, holiday locations and more.