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A selection of hundreds of video's made. Automotive, Racing, Documentary, Architecture and China are important themes.
Note: many video series (like: "Race Quiz") show just one example here.

Sub Categories

360° Video
360 Degrees video's give a spectacular view all around. (note: the 360° video's on this site are embedded but hosted on YouTube)
Asian Racing Cups
A Small selection of video's made for Formula Masters, Asian Le mans, Porsche Carrera Cup Asia, Audi R8 LMS Cup, China GT and others. A lot of race / weekend reports, and some video's on a specific topic. Filmed all over Asia.
There are stories to tell and things to discover all around the world.
A dog leashed to an Aston Martin, Race drivers learning Chinese, a guy in a supermarket, dressed in just a towel..? The fun video's.
Promo, Events, Tests
Car testing, all kinds of events plus commercial promo's for cars, holiday locations and more.