Mary in Times of Crisis

Mary in Times of Crisis

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This documentary will be broadcast by NPO documentary channel in december 2014.
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A documentary about the annual procession in Urkupina, Bolivia, where people pray for economical prosperity.To Lourdes you go for health, to Urkupina for wealth.

People from all over Bolivia and outside come to the pilgrimage of the Virgin of Urkupiña, also called the “Virgin of Money”, to hack stones from the mountain. These stones are seen as money that Mary loans to them to realize their wishes.
This film follows three Bolivian women in their activities during this festival in August.


  • First Camera, co-production, post production
  • Design Poster and flyer
  • Filmed in Augustus 2011 in Urkupina, Bolivia. Directed and edited by Sanne Derks and Sharis Coppens
  • Released 2012
  • Screenings in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, The Hague, Nijmegen (Netherlands),Bogota (Colombia), Athens (Greece),  Santa Cruz, La Paz, Cochabamba, Quillacollo (Bolivia), Sofia (Bulgaria), Paris (France).

Poster design.