In China | Dutch Architects In China

In China | 5 Part series about Dutch Architects In China

Series of 5 short Architecture Videos about Dutch architects working in China, made for ArchiNed, supported bij stimuleringsfonds.
All video’s are subtitled in English, click the CC button to enable.

In China | Tianjin | MVRDV

This episode features Martine Vledder from MVRDV in Tianjin. MVRDV Designed part of this urban project, the other 2/3 seems to be a copy… And how do Chinese adapt the style of their facade to local taste? (Click CC in player for English subtitles)

In China | Guangzhou | Mark Hemel

Information Based Architecture is a small Dutch architecture office that built one of the biggest towers in the world, the 600m Canton Tower in Guangzhou. How was the building influenced by the Chinese client? Mark Hemel explains in the tower how the design was so complicated that it could not be changed, and how important the story was for winning the competition.

In China | Beijing | NEXT architects (John van de Water)

John van de Water visits a sales point of one of his projects on a building site. The model of the new built area is quite spectacular. The sales are going quite well. Being close to IKEA is a big selling point. (Click CC button in player for English subtitles)

In China | Kunming | BEAR-iD

BEAR-iD in Kunming. The assignment was to make an eco-friendly building, but did it work out? What about eco-friendly building in China in general? And how does Feng Shui influence the design. (Click CC in player for English subtitles)

In China | Shanghai | After “World Expo 2010”

A report with Harry Den Hartog (of Urban Language) about the World Expo area, two years after the event. The Italians are taking over the area, and even had a bit of the Dutch Pavilion cut off. (Click CC in player for English subtitles)