Shanghai Transitions


** Selected for the Architecture, Design, Art Film Festival 2020, Palm Springs, USA
** Selected for Better Cities Film Festival in Detroit, USA (2020).

There are quite a few changes coming to citizens everywhere in the world. Cities become bigger, higher, more dense and smarter.

Shanghai is one of the largest cities in the world, and has undergone a gigantic metamorphosis in recent years. A lot is broken down and a lot has been built. Things are going wrong, but there is also a lot of beauty to see.

Three Dutch architects living in Shanghai tell each in their own way how they look at the transitions of this mega city. Not from a theory, but from their daily experiences as citizens.

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Stills from Shanghai Transitions

With Tjerk Reijenga, Harry den Hartog & Joost van den Hoek

Adidas China | Mads Football Challenges

Adidas China | Mads Football Challenges

Mads Football Challenges is a sports video series tailored for Chinese kids (6-14 year). This 12 part series was pitched, shot and edited for Adidas China.

Created to let kids go out and practice by removing barriers. Football fields are scarce in Chinese cities, but with these tricks kids can try out and improve skills anywhere safely. Nothing needed except a ball.

Basic and clear, no frills, straightforward style. A serious yet fun approach.

Be inspired and discover your talent.

Released during World Cup Football 2014. The series has several 100000’s of hits already!

Episode 2, Turning

  • Perfect connection with social media campaigns
  • Broad audience.
  • Subtle but clear branding, creating brand sympathy
  • Released during World Cup Football 2014

Episode 5, Passing