Shanghai Transitions


** Selected for the Architecture, Design, Art Film Festival 2020, Palm Springs, USA
** Selected for Better Cities Film Festival in Detroit, USA (2020).

There are quite a few changes coming to citizens everywhere in the world. Cities become bigger, higher, more dense and smarter.

Shanghai is one of the largest cities in the world, and has undergone a gigantic metamorphosis in recent years. A lot is broken down and a lot has been built. Things are going wrong, but there is also a lot of beauty to see.

Three Dutch architects living in Shanghai tell each in their own way how they look at the transitions of this mega city. Not from a theory, but from their daily experiences as citizens.

Watch the trailer here!

With Tjerk Reijenga, Harry den Hartog & Joost van den Hoek

Adidas China | Mads Football Challenges

Adidas China | Mads Football Challenges

Mads Football Challenges is a sports video concept completely tailored for Chinese kids (6-14 year). This series is developed and produced for Adidas China.

Created to let kids go out and practise by removing any barrier. Easy to access anywhere. Challenges can be performed in a nearby space. No particular tools needed except a ball.

Basic and clear, no frills, straightforward style. A serious yet fun approach.

Be inspired and discover your talent.

Released during World Cup Football 2014. The series has several 100000’s of hits already!

Episode 2, Turning

  • Perfecte connection with social media campaigns
  • Broadest audience.
  • Subtle but clear branding, create brand sympathy
  • Release during World Cup Football 2014

Episode 5, Passing