Power Station of Art, Shanghai | One Minute Series | Veter Strikken

Power Station of Art, Shanghai | One Minute series | Veter Strikken met één hand

One Minute “Veter Strikken” (made with weerhandig.nl) is included in the series “How To”, curated by Hans Aarsman. On exhibition in Museum De Pont, Tilburg. (until august 24, 2014).

A special edition will be held at Power Station of Art, Shanghai, China, opening june 11 2014. Here the film will be part of the “How To” and “Best Of” series. howto_uitnodiging

The One Minutes is an international platform for very short video works. Since 1999 more than 10,000 one-minute films have been produced by makers from 120 countries. How To, the exhibition conceived by Hans Aarsman, deals with convenient tips. It is a compilation of short films that teach us something within one minute. What do you do, for instance, if you have to tie your shoes and have only one hand free? By way of The One Minutes, Aarsman had a message sent to artists, asking them whether they would be interested in making short films with such convenient tips as the subject matter. Some of these are now on view in De Pont’s project space.

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powerstation of art

MOSA Discussions 1 – 5 (Live talkshow registration)

Mosa Discussions

This talkshow (in Dutch) is organized twice annually by Royal Mosa in their showroom in Amsterdam. In this example a summary of edition 4 with Daan Roosegaarde, Ton Venhoeven and Tracy Metz.

Film clips selected by the participants are projected on screens and used to enliven the discussion. Full HD registration with 4 camera’s. Two camera’s are also used for projection on the side screens. This is a very short summary. Longer version will be released on ArchiNed later this year.

Get in touch for more information.

Aqua Zumba (promo video)

Aqua Zumba

Quickly paced film promoting Aqua Zumba courses. Part of a series of six films made for swimming pool De Zandzee in Bussum, the Netherlands.

  • 200.000 Youtube hits! (see youtube page)
  • Used online and on screens in the reception area of the pool.
  • Camera, editing
  • Underwater filming (see example below)