Vienna Airport

Arrive in Austria

Video series by Vienna Airport for Chinese tourists

Aiming at tourists from China an 18-part video series was made in cooperation with Nuuk and Vienna Airport. Released on WeChat in China and video screens on the Vienna airport. Shot quickly with a Chinese host in and around Vienna, well prepared so the small crew can work very efficient.

A few examples:

Culture and museums

Spanish Riding School

Porcelain and Loden

Vienna Atmosphere


Shanghai Transitions


** Selected for the Architecture, Design, Art Film Festival 2020, Palm Springs, USA
** Selected for Better Cities Film Festival in Detroit, USA (2020).

There are quite a few changes coming to citizens everywhere in the world. Cities become bigger, higher, more dense and smarter.

Shanghai is one of the largest cities in the world, and has undergone a gigantic metamorphosis in recent years. A lot is broken down and a lot has been built. Things are going wrong, but there is also a lot of beauty to see.

Three Dutch architects living in Shanghai tell each in their own way how they look at the transitions of this mega city. Not from a theory, but from their daily experiences as citizens.

Watch the trailer here!

Stills from Shanghai Transitions

With Tjerk Reijenga, Harry den Hartog & Joost van den Hoek

11 Out of 1.3 Billion; Football in China (release 2019)

11 Out of 1.3 Billion; Football in China

See also: Why is China, with 1.3 billion people and a great reputation in sports, not able to form a good national football team? 11 out of 1.3 Billion; Football in China will show the challenges of Chinese football by following six year old Kevin. He is talented and crazy about football.

Kevin’s dad is an exception to the Chinese social rules because he supports him to go to a special primary football school. By sacrificing his own career and spend every free hour on Kevin’s training he may finally fulfill his own childhood dream.

Along the way we meet players, coaches, fans and specialists who all have their own ideas about Chinese football and Kevin’s chances to ever play in a glorious Chinese team. Will Kevin fulfill his dad’s childhood dream and be part of a better Chinese football future?

Chinese football

There is certainly a will to win in Chinese football. Large sums of money are spent on foreign football professionals like Drogba and coach Francesco Lippi. David Beckham is now even hired as “image ambassador” for Chinese football. When he visited Shanghai seven people got injured just trying to get a glimpse of him, proving football is popular in China.

But is attracting foreign talent enough to raise the general level of football? Can the art of football be copied, like so many other things in China? Why do you hardly see any young kids kick a ball in the streets between the new high-rises? What about the match-fixing scandals in the past, and what does ‘our man in China’ Arie Haan think of it?

Through some famous and some less famous players, coaches and fans a surprising image if China as football country is drawn. Interviews are illustrated with footage from the Chinese football practice. The film is informative and entertaining. 11 Out of 1.3 Billion: Football in China is the first film about football in China and is full of ambition, enthusiasm and surprises.

A must see for Football fans and people interested in Chinese culture alike. Check for even more information!

  • Selected for SPORT MOVIES & TV 2019 – 37th Milano International Ficts Fest
  • Selected for Lift-Off Tokyo and Toronto
  • Selected for Enginuity Film Festival 2020
  • Selected for Athens Marathon Film fest 2020
  • In cooperation with AboutAsia.
  • Running Time 48 minutes
  • Full HD
  • Release: November 2019
  • Languages: Chinese, Dutch, English

In China | Dutch Architects In China

In China | 5 Part series about Dutch Architects In China

Series of 5 short Architecture Videos about Dutch architects working in China, made for ArchiNed, supported bij stimuleringsfonds.
All video’s are subtitled in English, click the CC button to enable.

In China | Tianjin | MVRDV

This episode features Martine Vledder from MVRDV in Tianjin. MVRDV Designed part of this urban project, the other 2/3 seems to be a copy… And how do Chinese adapt the style of their facade to local taste? (Click CC in player for English subtitles)

In China | Guangzhou | Mark Hemel

Information Based Architecture is a small Dutch architecture office that built one of the biggest towers in the world, the 600m Canton Tower in Guangzhou. How was the building influenced by the Chinese client? Mark Hemel explains in the tower how the design was so complicated that it could not be changed, and how important the story was for winning the competition.

In China | Beijing | NEXT architects (John van de Water)

John van de Water visits a sales point of one of his projects on a building site. The model of the new built area is quite spectacular. The sales are going quite well. Being close to IKEA is a big selling point. (Click CC button in player for English subtitles)

In China | Kunming | BEAR-iD

BEAR-iD in Kunming. The assignment was to make an eco-friendly building, but did it work out? What about eco-friendly building in China in general? And how does Feng Shui influence the design. (Click CC in player for English subtitles)

In China | Shanghai | After “World Expo 2010”

A report with Harry Den Hartog (of Urban Language) about the World Expo area, two years after the event. The Italians are taking over the area, and even had a bit of the Dutch Pavilion cut off. (Click CC in player for English subtitles)

Urbanisation in China; happiness is seen everywhere

Urbanisation in China; Happiness is seen everywhere



* Full version now available online!

A Journey of Wonder in Shanghai
In China urbanisation is at full pace. New neighborhoods and cities emerge faster than ever before. The inhabitants, often coming from small villages or demolished areas in the city centres, find a new social context in the new cities. The apartments are better than what they were used to, but do they feel at home there? Do the new cities meet their inhabitants’ expectations?

The ‘new rich’ can afford to buy a house in a new themed suburb. But the city centres of Thames Town or Holland Village look empty. These areas seem to be used mainly by frantic newlyweds searching the perfect surrounding for their wedding pictures.

Urbanisation In China: Happiness Is Seen Everywhere provides a background and context for the Chinese urbanisation and specifically lets the inhabitants speak. It is not a romantic picture of pretty old houses and alleys, but shows real situations and open often surprising views in modern China.

  • A jury of film critics and architects have awarded the film as “Best Documentary” at “The International Istanbul Architecture And Urbanism Film Festival” 2011. (translated as Çin’de kentleşme: Mutluluk Her Yerde). The prize consists of a statue and a cash prize of 4000 euro.
  • Screened on film festivals in (a.o.) Shanghai, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Seoul and the Netherlands.

  • Released on DVD, published by Architectura & Natura
  • Camera, production, editing
  • DVD and Full-HD MP4
  • Supported by the Netherlands Architecture Fund
  • In cooperation with Urban Language
  • Extra on the DVD: 16 MM Mao Man

Urbanisation in China; happiness is seen everywhere (DVD cover)

News items:

  • November 2012: Urbanisation in China is translated into Korean in order to be screened on the Seoul International Architecture Film Festival, Nov.8th / 14th 2012.
  • September 2012: Urbanisation in China will be screened on saturday 22 september 2012 in Frankfurt on the China in Motion Festival . I will do a Q&A after the screening.
  • October 2011: “Urbanisation in China” has been selected by a jury of film critics, directors and architects as best documentary at the Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Film Festival.
  • The screening of “Urbanisation in China” will be the final act of the Chinese Triptych exhibition @ Casla architecture institute, Almere. June 15, 8 pm. Free admission. See the website for details. 
  • The film has been screened at the MiNi Film Festival in Shanghai (April 23 & 24, Dutch Design Workspace). Interviews and articles in Time Out Shanghai, Global Times, Smart Shanghai and Creative Hunt.
    Thanks to all people who came to this great mini festival, the cinema room was just overcrowded. Special thanks to the people asking smart questions at the Q&A!
  • The DVD is “Book” of the month April at ArchiNed.
  • Screening in CASLA architecture centre (almere) during exhibition Chinees Drieluik: De alledaagse, Netwerk en Groene Newtown. From april 8 – june 20.
  • Radio interview CRTV about the film. Available as podcast.
  • Presentation of the DVD in Architectura & Natura, Amsterdam (3-3-2011). The DVD is for sale now!
  • A preview of the documentary was shown at the presentation of the book “Shanghai New Towns” (Harry den Hartog)(nov 30, 2010).


english / chinese – ISBN 978-94-614001-5-4
60 minutes
extra on the DVD: 16 MM Mao Man (short doc)

Send an email for more information (contact details on the right)

Adidas China | Mads Football Challenges

Adidas China | Mads Football Challenges

Mads Football Challenges is a sports video series tailored for Chinese kids (6-14 year). This 12 part series was pitched, shot and edited for Adidas China.

Created to let kids go out and practice by removing barriers. Football fields are scarce in Chinese cities, but with these tricks kids can try out and improve skills anywhere safely. Nothing needed except a ball.

Basic and clear, no frills, straightforward style. A serious yet fun approach.

Be inspired and discover your talent.

Released during World Cup Football 2014. The series has several 100000’s of hits already!

Episode 2, Turning

  • Perfect connection with social media campaigns
  • Broad audience.
  • Subtle but clear branding, creating brand sympathy
  • Released during World Cup Football 2014

Episode 5, Passing