(Formerly D-FILM) Produced 300++ Asian Car & racing video’s for sportauto, China. Background in Documentaries, Architecture, arts and China. Art directing, filming and editing for brands such as Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, Adidas. AMG, Red Bull, several Asian race competitions and more.

Capture Action; on board with 300 km/h, on a wing in 360 degrees, with a drone… , reporting races, premieres, driving courses, interviews. At -30 or +45 in the shadow. Filming 4K, tapping pit lane radio, recording and editing the excitement of speed.

(If watching from China click here for the local hosted video page.)

Check the sportauto highlight video

A selection of video made for sportauto China.

New project: Shanghai Transitions. Check out the trailer here!

360 degree video of Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen karting with 360 degree camera in Shanghai!

Happy New Year of the Dog

An Aston Martin and a dog, connected… Read HERE about “The Making Of“.

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Some other projects:

Shanghai Transitions
SHANGHAI TRANSITIONS There are quite a few changes to the citizen everywhere in the world. Cities become bigger, higher, more dense, newer, smarter and more important. Shanghai is one of the largest cities in the world, and has undergone a … Continue reading
11 Out of 1.3 Billion; Football in China (release 2019)
(In production) Why can't China, so brilliant at the Olympics, get a good national football team together? A surprising view on Chinese society through Football. Starring Arie Haan, Xie Hui, Pelle Blohm and many others. Continue reading
Adidas China | Mads Football Challenges
Mads Football Challenges, concept developed and produced for Adidas China. Be inspired and discover your talent. Continue reading

Urbanisation in China; happiness is seen everywhere
Award winning one hour documentary focusing on the experience of Chinese citizens on the rapid urbanisation. Surprising views on demolition, relocation and 'european' building styles. Continue reading
  • Porsche, VW Formula Masters, Red Bull, Audi, Adidas China, Dutch consulate (Shanghai), Arcadis (NL & USA), (online books and electronics), Aqua Zumba (+200.000 YouTube hits!) , Royal Mosa (Multicam talkshow registration), Amsterdam Duurzaam (city of amsterdam), Retail and More (coop supermarkets) Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI), ArchiNed (several talkshow webcasts), Sanoma Publishers, Bitmove (projects for Heineken, Anne Frank House, World Expo 2010 China), Artic (Witteveen+Bos), Grolsch (beer), Funda, RAI 9 maanden beurs, Yune (Dutch Railways NS, KLM airline), Cinemasia, Smilde Foods and many others.